bonsella GOLD benefits include the following:



  • Available in 9 languages.
  • Emergency medical advice including assessment of symptoms and referral to the most appropriate healthcare professional. Backed by knowledge on all aspects of health-care including home care remedies with scheduled follow-up assessment calls, if required.
  • Counselling for chronic ailments and diseases to minimise the impact, plus all medical terms, results of tests and information relating to medication explained.
  • Telephonic trauma debriefing and referral to a trauma counsellor, plus access to a pre-recorded audio health library for information on a range of medical topics.
  • Plus access to one of the most widely searched and referenced drug and poison databases in SA.



  • Available in 9 languages.
  • Access to telephonic legal advice from qualified attorneys providing guidance on all legal matters, including criminal offences, labour matters, fines, debt, contracts, divorce, maintenance, motor vehicle accidents.
  • Plus, one free 30-minute consultation, one free letter of demand, one telephone call from a lawyer.
  • Access to useful legal documents including, divorce kit, small claims court kit, child maintenance kit, domestic employment agreements, lease agreements, purchase and sale agreements and last will and testament.



  • Access to a national footprint of more than 450 pharmacies nationwide all with an in-house clinic facility, at reduced rates providing: (200 nurses, 10 PCDT qualified pharmacists).
    • Well Baby and Family Planning, Screening Tests, Vaccinations and Immunisations, Minor Ailment Consultations, Treatment of Wounds, Weight Loss Management, Ear Syringe, Procedure, Nebulisation.
    • Issuing of scripts - up to Schedule 4 medication (only on diseases according to the Essential Drug List) and by PCDT pharmacists.
    • Recommend continued chronic treatment if initiated by doctor with close monitoring for six months after which patient should be referred to a doctor across certain diseases (by PCDT pharmacists).



  • Available in 9 languages
  • 24-hour service to manage the communication with individuals and emergency service providers.
  • The crisis line is an emergency line in cases of attack, hijack, housebreaking, theft, fire, medical emergencies.
  • Our call centre will remain in contact until the situation is stabilised.
  • Plus access to telephonic trauma counselling during and after an incident.



  • Telephonic assistance and support to students, and parents with children, in grades 1 - 12 from 18h00 - 20h00 Monday to Thursday. Learners can speak with a qualified teacher on a variety of subjects.
  • Assistance is aligned to Government Schools, Private Schools and Home Schooling Institutes e.g. EMS (Economics Management Sciences), NS (Natural Science) and SS (Social Studies).
  • Available in English and Afrikaans.