bonsella GOLD/SILVER Terms and Conditions


     1        DEFINITIONS

1.1            “account” means the account linked to an individual member’s bonsella® card to which rewards and / or benefits are earned;

1.2            “active member” means a bonsella® member having swiped their bonsella® card within the last 90 days;

1.3            “agent” or “sales agent” means the authorised bonsella® representative in store who captures and registers bonsella® members, issues bonsella® cards, collects monthly membership fee payments (bonsella® GOLD and SILVER only) and provides support to qualifying bonsella® customers;

1.4            “agreement” means the agreement between the member and Retail Engage for access to the bonsella® shopper rewards programme and benefits on these terms and conditions;

1.5            “application” means an application for a bonsella® membership;

1.6            “assistance line” means the contact centre for access to exclusive bonsella® GOLD and SILVER benefits, which is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through a variety of channels, including: telephone and a USSD call back facility;

1.7            “benefit” or “benefits” means the bonsella® GOLD and SILVER membership benefits referred to in paragraph 5.3 and 5.4;

1.8            “bonsella®“ means the shopper rewards programme, systems and card that provides members with the ability to earn rewards for qualifying product purchases and actions at participating retailers.

1.9            “bonsella® GOLD / SILVER” means the paid-for membership tiers of the bonsella® shopper rewards programme, operated by Retail Engage (Pty) Ltd, that facilitate additional bonsella® shopper rewards and access to exclusive membership benefits as outlined in paragraph 5.3 and 5.4, through use of the bonsella® Assistance Line;

1.10          “card” or “bonsella® card” means the valid shopper rewards card issued by bonsella® which identifies the qualifying member and facilitates the earning of rewards for member purchases at participating retailers;

1.11          “card number” means the member’s unique bonsella® card number with linked membership benefits as agreed between the parties;

1.12          “care centre” means the dedicated call centre that can be contacted for any bonsella® card, member or programme queries 087 310 2871;

1.13          “discount partner” means a provider of goods and / or services at discounted rates to bonsella® members.

1.14          “due date” means the date that payment is due to Retail Engage for paid-for bonsella® membership tiers (bonsella® GOLD and SILVER), and which date will be the date as selected by the member upon registration;

1.15          “member” means a registered bonsella® customer who has entered into an agreement with Retail Engage on these terms;

1.16          “mobile application” means a software application used by bonsella® agents to register and sign-up bonsella® members;

1.17          “partner” or “benefit partner” means any retailer, brand or 3rd party with whom Retail Engage has entered into an agreement in terms whereof goods and / or services will be supplied to bonsella® members;

1.18          “programme” or “shopper rewards programme” means the mechanism that provides bonsella® members with rewards for qualifying actions at authorised bonsella® stores or partners;

1.19          “promotion” or “promotions” means the campaign/s or offer/s made available to qualifying bonsella® members from time to time enabling the member to earn rewards and / or benefits;

1.20          “qualifying purchases” means purchases of identified goods and / or services that qualify for a reward in terms of Retail Engage’ campaign and policies;

1.21          “Retail Engage” or “company” or “us” or “we” or “our” means Retail Engage (Pty) Ltd, Registration No. 2013/235797/07, of Rivonia Gate Office Park, Unit 13, 381 Rivonia Boulevard, Rivonia, 2193 and VAT no. 4890265582, a subsidiary of 2Engage (Pty) Ltd;

1.22          “reward” or “rewards” means the value accumulated to a bonsella® member account and transferred to the member phone as airtime;

1.23          “service provider” means the supplier of goods and / or services to bonsella® members, as appointed by Retail Engage.

1.24          “Stangen” means Standard General Insurance Company Limited (authorised FSP: No. 47235), an authorised long-term insurer licensed in terms of the Long-term Insurance Act, 1998. Registration Number 1948/029011/06.

1.25          “store” or “retailer” means any participating supplier of goods and / or services who has entered into a retailer agreement with Retail Engage where rewards may be earned in store;

1.26          “system” or “bonsella® system” means the unique combination of technology, hardware and software and 3rd party partners that enable the running of the bonsella® shopper rewards programme;

1.27          ”USSD” means the bonsella® GOLD and SILVER benefit call back request service which provides bonsella® GOLD and SILVER members with access to the benefits as outlined in paragraph 5.3 and 5.4.


2.1            The bonsella® shopper rewards programme is operated by Retail Engage, a subsidiary of 2Engage (Pty) Ltd. The following terms and conditions govern use of the bonsella® system as well as participation in the bonsella® rewards programme.

2.2            Retail Engage reserves the right to alter or change the bonsella® rewards programme or to end it at any point, for any reason. In the event of programme termination, bonsella® rewards will no longer be delivered to mobile phones, deposited in shopper wallets or available by any method of redemption. Rewards already delivered will not be affected.


3.1            You may apply for a bonsella® membership and enter into the agreement with Retail Engage through application with any authorised bonsella® agent in store only.

3.2            bonsella® airtime and competition rewards are activated immediately upon successful registration and issue of card.

3.3            bonsella® GOLD and SILVER lifestyle discounts and assistance benefits will be available within 2 working days after first successful monthly payment collection. Although membership is activated immediately, please allow up to 48 hours to reflect on our system, network dependent.

3.4            By registering for the bonsella® rewards programme, you are providing bonsella® with your personal information, and agreeing to receive  bonsella® promotional communications; you give bonsella®, Retail Engage and 2Engage permission to communicate with you regarding all bonsella® promotions and associated partner promotions, using the Retail Engage electronic or physical infrastructure.

3.5            A valid South African mobile phone number is required for each bonsella® rewards member for all communications. No communication will be sent to non-mobile phone numbers, postal addresses or email addresses outside South Africa. Mobile phone numbers linked to a contract account with a network provider do not qualify and cannot receive airtime rewards.

3.6            Your bonsella® card must be registered to you in store when you sign up with the bonsella® sales agent to receive rewards. If you provide incorrect or invalid mobile numbers and / or card numbers, you will not be rewarded. The registered mobile number is the number that receives the rewards when you shop and swipe your bonsella® card and qualify for rewards, as well as the mobile number from which bonsella® GOLD and SILVER members may access the bonsella® Assistance Line and USSD call back service.

3.7            Registering as a member of the bonsella® rewards programme signifies your agreement to the bonsella® Terms and Conditions. 2Engage (Pty) Ltd, its subsidiaries, its directors, employees, its organisers, promoters, partners or agencies do not bear any responsibility or liability for any loss, damage, injury, accident, death or asset damage howsoever arising from inclusion or participation in the bonsella® rewards programme.

3.8            You may also be provided with additional opportunities to opt-in to extended offers provided by 2Engage (Pty) Ltd and / or its subsidiaries and / or its partners which may be conditional on you providing additional information about yourself. 


4.1            Members may use the bonsella® card to qualify for rewards, and enjoy all benefits offered to members from time to time, subject to the provisions of this agreement.

4.2            bonsella® rewards can only be earned when a registered bonsella® member purchases qualifying products, carries out qualifying actions or responds to an official bonsella® communication sent to their phone.

4.3            The value of bonsella® rewards per promotion or offer may vary between products and stores. bonsella® will not be responsible for incorrect values published by stores or media.

4.4            bonsella® rewards will be paid within 48 hours of the advertised products on promotion being purchased.

4.5            A reward may be delivered multiple times for each qualifying instance according to the active promotion rule and the specified terms and conditions, up to a maximum of 5 rewards per promotional product per transaction per day.

4.6            A confirmation message may be sent to members once airtime or discounted benefit partners rewards are delivered to registered devices, confirming the value provided in the reward.

4.7            Promotional offers or campaigns are valid for a limited period and may be “closed” at any time by bonsella®, for any reason. bonsella® reserves the right to change offers at its discretion and without notice.

4.8            The minimum value of bonsella® airtime reward transfer varies per network provider. Depending on the network provider, a minimum of R2.00 in airtime may be transferred to your phone.

4.9            bonsella® members using mobile phones with post-paid contracts are not excluded from the bonsella® shopper rewards programme. However, bonsella® cannot be held responsible for non-delivery of airtime rewards due to their contract or network provider not facilitating the transfer of airtime.

4.10          As Retail Engage does not have any control of the retailers stocking behaviour, bonsella® will not be liable for any out-of-stocks experienced by participating retailers, of the advertised products on promotion.

4.11          bonsella® does not provide any guarantees or warranties with regards to its technical or digital infrastructure. Best efforts will be applied to ensure high levels of services internally and also by choosing the best service providers available.

4.12          Should bonsella® experience technical problems, the situation will be rectified as soon as possible, and best efforts will be applied to keep you informed via our communication infrastructure. Any promotional rewards lost or not gained during said technical problem period will not be re-rewarded.

4.13          Any value that may be accumulated in any account provided by bonsella® now or in the future, will remain virtual and may only be used in one of the bonsella® approved ways, until such a time as it is transferred to the member’s phone.

4.14          bonsella® may offer opportunities to participate in lucky draw promotions and other competitions from time to time and on a discretionary basis, by producing and / or scanning your bonsella® card at any participating retailer.

4.15          bonsella® may at its discretion, now and / or in the future, reward shoppers with other digital tokens of value.

4.16          bonsella® reserves the right to discontinue use of the currently issued cards and to swap-out issued cards at any time for cards that are branded or enabled by our partners.


5.1            You may use the bonsella® GOLD and SILVER membership benefits referred to in paragraph 5.3 and 5.4 subject to the provisions of this agreement only.

5.2            Access to the bonsella® GOLD and SILVER member benefits is subject to your monthly payment being up to date at all times.

5.3            bonsella® GOLD membership benefits include:

·          Double bonsella® airtime rewards and competition benefits;

·          Everyday shopping & lifestyle discounts, including: retail discounts at Edgars, Jet, CNA and WeFix, discounted magazine subscriptions, discounted Intercape bus tickets, monthly local PSL soccer ticket discounts, and funeral discounts;

·          Exclusive Assistance Services, including: Crisis Line, Health Advice, Clinic Services, Legal Advice, Homework Help; and

·          R15,000 Personal Accident Life Cover, underwritten by Stangen  (Authorised FSP: No. 47235).

5.4            bonsella® SILVER membership benefits include:

·          Double bonsella® competition benefits;

·          Monthly retail discounts at Jet and funeral discount benefit;

·          Exclusive Assistance Services, including: Crisis Line, Health Advice, Clinic Services, Legal Advice and Homework Help.

5.5            Access to the bonsella® lifestyle discount and assistance service benefits is coordinated by the bonsella® Assistance Line and USSD service managed by Europ Assistance, which is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through a variety of channels, including: telephone and USSD call back facility.

5.6            Homework Help is available Monday to Thursday between 18h00 to 21h00 and is not available during school hours or public holidays.

5.7            The lifestyle discount contact centre is available 07h00 – 19h00 Monday to Friday and 08h00 – 12h00 on Saturdays only. The contact centre is closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

5.8            The bonsella® GOLD and SILVER benefits are available to registered members only, or to direct family (spouse and children) as specified by the appointed service provider. Airtime rewards are sent to the mobile number linked to the single bonsella® card only.

5.9            Members may be required to provide personal information to verify their membership for access to the bonsella® GOLD and SILVER benefits.

5.10          A valid ID document may be required for verification with bonsella® benefit service providers and / or discount partners.

5.11          Redemption method for bonsella® benefits may vary from partner to partner and this process should be adhered to in order to redeem the respective saving, deal or benefit.

5.12          bonsella® lifestyle discount benefits may be subject to minimum spend, are valid for cash purchases only and cannot be deducted off Store Accounts.

5.13          No saving, deal or benefit is redeemable for cash.

5.14          Neither bonsella® nor the benefit partner will be held liable for any refund should the customer fail to present their discount voucher prior to completion of their purchase.

5.15          The accuracy of bonsella® legal, health, crisis and homework help assessments are based on the information provided by the member at the time of the call.

5.16          bonsella® Homework Help agents cannot be liable for a students’ ability to understand the content provided and / or failing to improve marks in any subject(s).

5.17          bonsella® Crisis Line agents may contact the member’s neighbours, security service provider or nearest police station, local emergency services or fire station to notify them of the incident and may provide medical and / or situational information to facilitate assistance with the crisis.

5.18          Should a bonsella® advisor or agent refer the member to any 3rd party health, legal or crisis professional for any reason, any costs incurred will be paid by the member.

5.19          bonsella® benefits cannot be combined with benefits and discounted offers from other providers and / or discount partners.

5.20          Neither bonsella® nor Retail Engage is liable for the services rendered to members by any services provider and / or discount partner.

5.21          bonsella® reserves the right to change, update or amend any benefit or service from time to time at its sole discretion and without notice.

5.22          The bonsella® member benefits are available in South Africa only.

5.23          Any abuse or misuse of the bonsella® benefits may lead to limitations and restrictions of access.


6.1            The bonsella® GOLD Personal Accident Life Cover is underwritten by The Standard General Insurance Company Limited “Stangen” (Authorised FSP: No. 47235), an authorised long-term insurer licensed in terms of the Long-term Insurance Act, 1998. Registration Number 1948/029011/06.

6.2            bonsella® GOLD Personal Accident Life Cover is offered to active members of the bonsella® GOLD rewards programme by Stangen and not Retail Engage and is subject to the terms and conditions of Stangen, as further set out in the Stangen master policy document, which will be provided to you upon request by Stangen and some of which terms are summarised hereunder.

6.3            The bonsella® GOLD Personal Accident Life cover is for a Total Cover amount of R 15,000 for the member only.

6.4            The Minimum entry age for insured members is 18 years of age.

6.5            The cover start date is on the first day of the calendar month following receipt of the first successful monthly payment collection.

6.6            Should the member pass away with valid cover, the cover amount will be paid to the nominated beneficiary in South Africa. This person must be 18 years or older and have a valid South African bank account.

6.7            The bonsella® GOLD Personal Accident Life product and cover are for South Africa only. Therefore, a member who passes away outside of the borders of South Africa, will not be covered.

6.8            Accidental death is defined as an unforeseen incident that happened unexpectedly and unintentionally at an identifiable time and place, and was caused by violent, external and visible means and resulted in the death of the member. Suicide is therefore specifically excluded.  

6.9            Notwithstanding any provisions contained in these Terms and Conditions, the Master Policy document governs all aspects of the policy and its benefits and can be requested from Stangen.

6.10          In the event of a claim, the customer should contact Stangen:

Te.:          0861 007 967

Fax:         087 942 4725



Please refer to the FAQ’s on the Stangen website for documentation required for claims.

6.11          Any complaints must be lodged with Stangen on Tel Nr. 0861 007 966 or via e-mail All complaints must be made in writing.

6.12          Should resolution still be unsatisfactory, the member will be referred to the relevant regulators.

6.13          This product is provided on a non-advice basis by Stangen, and should further assistance be required, Stangen may be contacted.

6.14          Stangen may communicate with the member telephonically and / or electronically.  All records shared with Stangen may be stored electronically. Stangen values clients’ privacy and personal information. The detailed Privacy Policy can be viewed online at


7.1            If your card is lost or stolen please go to your nearest bonsella® store and speak to a bonsella® agent to assist you with a replacement card.

7.2            Any bonsella® rewards linked to a lost / blocked / defaced card can be transferred to a new card. If rewards associated with a member have been used, switched or transferred before a card is blocked, they cannot be recovered. bonsella® will not be liable for any loss of rewards.


8.1            Subject to paragraph 8.2 below, you will pay a monthly bonsella® GOLD membership fee of R 49.00 or bonsella® SILVER membership fee of R 19.00 in consideration for the benefits provided.

8.2            You must pay the full amount due as per your monthly fee on or before the due date as selected upon registration.

8.3            Payments are made by valid debit or credit card with your authorised bonsella® in-store agent or by debit order only. Debit order deductions will appear on your bank statement as “bonsellaGold” or “bonsellaSilver” followed by the reference number.

8.4            If the due date for payment during any particular month falls on a Sunday or public holiday, the payment due date will be the next business day.

8.5            Debit order mandates will continue for as long as the bonsella® membership is active and you agree not to (i) cancel the debit order; or (ii) close the bank account unless you have given us one month’s notice.

8.6            Should a member’s debit order collection fail or the member misses their payment deadline, the member will be notified by SMS to their registered mobile number. The member should visit their nearest bonsella® store immediately to settle the outstanding amount to avoid suspension of benefits. Failure to do so may result in the suspension of membership and the outstanding fee will be added to the following month’s payment collection.

8.7            You will not be entitled to any refund of amounts which were debited in terms of the debit order mandate if you legally owed these amounts.

8.8            Should you require any assistance, please contact the bonsella® customer care centre on 087 310 2871 or visit your local bonsella® in-store agent.


9.1            We will use your personal information for purposes of the relationships between us and in accordance with the provisions of this agreement.

9.2            The bonsella® shopper rewards programme will at all times remain compliant with the South African Consumer Protection Act.

9.3            bonsella® may, in the future, establish relationships with external parties (“partners”) for the express purpose of creating, earning or using bonsella® rewards. In such cases, personal details may be passed on to these partners. bonsella® values your privacy and will not pass on any information unless it is necessary to enable these partners to provide value aligned to the bonsella® rewards programme.

9.4            Registration for bonsella® benefit partner services may require members to be contacted by the benefit service provider to complete registration from time to time.


10.1          The agreement is not for a fixed period and will continue until either party cancels it in terms of the agreement.

10.2          You may opt-out of the bonsella® GOLD / SILVER rewards programme at any time by contacting one of the bonsella® agents at any participating store or by calling the bonsella® Care Centre on 087 310 2871. If you opt out, any bonsella® account balance or reward still to be awarded, will be voided.

10.3          A minimum of 3 working days notice must be given before date of debit order collection for e-mandate cancellation to be effected.

10.4          bonsella® reserves the right to terminate any member subscription deemed to be inactive for 3 consecutive months in which case any unused rewards associated with terminated members may be forfeited.

10.5          Any misuse or abuse of the bonsella® programme or any benefits could be considered a criminal offence and Retail Engage reserves the right to cancel a person’s participation and void any rewards from the account.

10.6          Failure to pay your monthly bonsella® GOLD / SILVER membership fees for more than one month will result in the suspension of your membership and the revoking of all benefits and access to benefits with immediate effect.


11.1          Upon breach of the agreement. your membership may be terminated with immediate effect, all benefits will be suspended and any rewards that would have been due to you will be forfeited.

11.2          Upon termination of your bonsella® GOLD / SILVER membership, your associated GOLD / SILVER card will immediately be void. You should contact a bonsella® agent at your nearest participating store to obtain a new free bonsella® card to continue earning everyday bonsella® shopper rewards.

11.3          Any claims against the bonsella® GOLD Personal Accident Life Cover during any period where your account is suspended or terminated will, subject to all laws governing the bonsella® GOLD Personal Accident Life Cover from time to time, be void.

12      CESSION

12.1          You may not cede (transfer) any of your rights or duties in terms of the agreement to any party without our written consent.

13      WAIVER

13.1          If we do not exercise or enforce all our rights it will not mean that we waive (do away with) our rights in terms of the agreement.